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On Campus MAS

Subterm 1 (August)

Subterm 2 (1st half Fall)

Subterm 3 (2nd half Fall)

Subterm 4 (1st half Spring)

Subterm 5 (2nd half Spring)

Subterm 6 (May/June)

MSSA-Mathematical Tools for Statistics

STAA561-Probability with Applications

STAA562-Mathematical Statistics with Applications

STAA553-Experimental Design

STAA554-Mixed Models

STAA556-Statistical Consulting

CSSA-Computing Tools for Statistics

STAA551-Regression Models and Applications

STAA552-Generalized Regression Models

STAA575-Applied Bayesian Statistics

STAA574-Methods in Multivariate Analysis



STAA572- Non-parametric Methods

STAA573-Analysis of Time Series

STAA571-Survey Statistics

STAA 577-Statistical Learning and Data Mining



STAA566-Computational and Graphical Statistics

STAA567-Methods in Simulation and Computation

STAA565- Quantitative Reasoning

STAA568-Topics in Industrial and Organizational Statistics


Program Costs

  • Application processing fee is $60 ($70 for international students).
  • Tuition rates can be found here. For the one-year plan, you will complete 14 credits in the fall, 14 credits in the spring plus 3 credits in the summer for a total of 31 credits. Tuition rates are different for residents and non-residents of Colorado.
  • Textbook costs will vary.
  • Computing programs are available on campus for free use.

Thank you for your interest in Colorado State University and the Department of Statistics!

Application deadline for full consideration: March 31, however, we will continue accepting applications for the MAS program through April 30th. We review applications on a rolling basis, so earlier applications are given first consideration.

  • Our on-campus program admits only during the fall semester; however students are expected to report to campus in early August to begin the math and computing bootcamps prior to the start of the fall semester.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistantships are not available for students in the MAS program, therefore, individual faculty members should not be contacted to explore the possibility of support.
  • The MAS Entrance Exam or GRE is required for application.  Of these, we prefer the MAS Entrance Exam.  There is no fee for this exam; however, the exam must be taken at an approved university testing center, which may charge an access fee. To request preparation materials for the exam, please contact Karena Alons at

For more information on the Master of Applied Statistics program, please contact the statistics department at (970) 491-5268 or by email at

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