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What background do I need to succeed in the MAS program?

You should have a math background that includes one semester of linear algebra and college calculus through multivariable integration (typically three semesters). At least one undergraduate-level statistics course is also required. If you have any questions about your math or statistics background, you should contact Dr. Jana Anderson.

Is the online MAS program the same as the resident instruction MAS degree?

Yes. The diploma you will receive is no different than the one issued to our resident instruction students. Our MAS courses will be offered "live," which means you will take each class alongside the resident instruction students. You will view the same lectures, complete the same assignments and take the same exams as the resident instruction students. You are also able to communicate directly with your cohort of on-campus students through our learning platform. Exams are proctored and given in the same manner for both cohorts. For example, exams that are closed book for resident instruction students are also closed book exams for online students. Since you take the same courses and complete the same degree requirements, there is no distinction between online or distance degree on your diploma.

What are the specific program entrance requirements?

Applicants should have taken three semesters of calculus, one semester of linear algebra and one semester of undergraduate statistics. An overall GPA of 3.0 is required for admission. Additionally, the GRE or MAS entrance exam is required.

How much does it cost?

Online tuition costs can be found here

On-campus tuition costs are different for residents and non-residents of Colorado. View the graduate tuition rates here.

What do I need to send the Statistics Department to apply for graduate admission?

A complete application includes a statement of purpose, GRE scores, three letters of reference and official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended. You can apply here.

Who processes MAS applications and who do I contact?

For questions about your application, please contact Karena Alons at She can help guide you through the application process. Once all documents are on file, your application is reviewed by the Graduate Screening Committee and processed based on their recommendation.

When can/should I apply?

Our MAS program is designed for a summer start, with our two non-credit 'prep' courses, MSSA and CSSA. For this reason, we require students to submit applications for Fall admission by March 31. Applications will be accepted for Spring admissions on a limited basis for students who have completed some of the MAS coursework.

Can I take classes while waiting for my application to be processed?

Yes, students with pending applications may register for classes prior to admission, with departmental permission. Upon admission to the MAS degree program, retroactive credit towards the degree will be given for successful completion (a grade of B or better) of such courses. However, you must complete at least 21 credits toward the MAS through CSU after being formally admitted to the graduate program.

How many credits can I take prior to admission?

Our MAS program requires 31 credits. Since you must complete at least 21 credits through CSU after being formally admitted to the graduate program, you may complete as many as 10 credits prior to admission. Note, however, that grades for courses completed prior to admission are not included in your cumulative CSU GPA.

For more information on the Master of Applied Statistics program, please contact the statistics department at (970) 491-5268 or by email at

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